Getting Started with Mindfulness

Stories about mindfulness are all over the internet and in printed media.  Every day, it seems there are reports on new studies that continue increasing the known or likely benefits of a regular mindfulness practice.  The graphic below provides a nice visual representation of many facts about mindfulness in a clear and simple format.

I teach clients to use simple tools such as breath awareness to begin increasing their ability to track what is happening with their body and to focus attention on an object of their own choosing. This is an especially important skill to begin with when working with a history of trauma.

It’s very simple to integrate basic mindfulness practices into your everyday life.   To help you on your way, I’ve recorded a simple breath awareness practice that you are welcome to try out.  If you utilize it daily,  I am confident that you will quickly begin to notice benefits such as a calmer mind, fewer sensations of stress, and greater ability to respond rather than react.