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One event changed your life.

It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t suffered what you have.

People tell you, “You’ll find a way to get over it,” or “Time heals all wounds.” But you know better.

You feel numb and detached from yourself and other people in your life.

Keeping it all inside is slowly draining you.

You wish you could get over it.

Sleep has become harder to find, and you wake up groggy and exhausted.

Your mind can’t rest as you relive the past in flashes of images, thoughts, and sensations.

There’s so much tension in your body. It’s a minor miracle you’re able to get dressed every morning.

You feel like you’ve lost yourself, and you may never be able to get that person back.

It’s time to break free from the pain.

Using Somatic Experiencing combined with Organic Intelligence, we’ll reset your nervous system and get your life back.

Somatic Experiencing reconnects your mind and body so you can understand the signals within you.

Tap into the wealth of intuitive and natural healing your body offers.

Organic intelligence allows us to take a holistic approach to heal your nervous system and for you to pleasurably find the way back into coherence and alignment.

These powerful techniques are more effective than talk therapy alone.

You’ll access new levels of resilience using a holistic approach combined with mindfulness practices.

Our sessions are a safe, nurturing space to replenish your self-compassion and understanding.

We’ll heal at your pace and following your innate wisdom.

As your symptoms dissipate, you’ll notice clearer thinking, more energy, and a sense of optimism begin to guide your life.

We take an individualized approach based on your history to support your natural healing process. 

Heal yourself with compassionate therapy.  Don’t wait.

You’ve suffered long enough. Your pain is getting in the way of being and doing who and what you want.

Reclaim the enjoyment that’s your birthright.

Hear your body and mind say. “Yes. This sense of peace is what I’ve been yearning for.”

The first step to freeing yourself starts here.

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