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One event, or many, changed your entire life.

Others don’t understand what it’s like.

People have told you, “It couldn’t have been that bad,” or “You’ll need to find a way to get over it.”

Keeping it all inside is slowly draining you.

You feel numb and detached from yourself and others.

Your body bears the painful burden.

Sleep is restless (if at all) and brief, leaving you groggy and exhausted each morning.

Your mind can’t rest as you relive the experience in flashes of images, thoughts, and even your dreams.

There’s so much tension in your body. It’s a minor miracle you can get dressed every morning.

Digestion issues make eating difficult and uncomfortable.

You feel like you lost yourself years ago, and you may never be able to get that person back.

I’ve spent years learning how to help you.

I’ve spent years studying the relationship between the nervous system and trauma so that I can help you.

My studies include Somatic Experiencing® and Organic Intelligence™. These powerful techniques, combined with mindfulness, self-compassion, and traditional psychotherapy, are an approach that is more effective than talk therapy alone.

This approach allows me to be tuned to your individual system and its history so that I can support your natural healing process.

Heal yourself with compassionate therapy.

Our therapeutic relationship provides the foundation for safely exploring traumatic events from your past.

Within this sense of safety, your inner wisdom will know what to bring to our session. You’re already in pain – we don’t have to increase that for you to get better.

We’ll weave together the parts of your mind and body that were broken apart.

As we relieve your symptoms, things will start to feel more manageable.

Hear your body and mind say. “Yes. This sense of peace is what I’ve been yearning for.”

Healing your trauma can’t wait.

You’ve suffered long enough. Your pain is getting in the way of being and doing who and what you want.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy your life.

Wake up feeling better, stronger, and wiser than you were before.

The first step to freeing yourself starts here.

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