Enjoy Ease in Mind and Body

Therapy for Well-Being

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Enjoyment is your birthright.

Your body and mind are intended to relish the experience of living.

You were born knowing how to laugh, play, and explore.

But, somewhere along the way, the stresses of life disrupted your true nature.

Life happens.

In one overwhelming event, or many small ones, your nervous system accumulated stress.

Stress twists and distorts the way you experience everyday life, and it’s hard to know what or whom to believe.

You’re holding it together – by your fingernails.

Something feels wrong.

Now, you’re preoccupied with a sense of danger – always on edge.

You’re either keyed up or completely shut down. That heaviness in your chest won’t let go. The tension in your legs tells you to run.

Agitation, immobility, irritability, or a messy mixture of them create chaos that takes all your effort to manage. It’s exhausting.

But, it’s not your fault.

You didn’t ask for this.

The body’s stress response was never meant to be switched on so frequently and for such long periods of time. Modern life is far too demanding for our systems.

Like the frog in boiling water, we don’t realize it until we are way over the threshold.

And once you’re there, just one more little thing can push you over the edge.

You blame yourself, which only adds to your suffering.

Thoughts like “Nothing I do makes a difference” are really the “guards at the gate” of your nervous system – and they are keeping you stuck.

Their job is to keep you alive. As long as you are alive, the messages coming through are meant to keep you that way.

The path forward is unclear.

Well-meaning social media posts suggest that trauma is now your destiny.

You’re given a list of PTSD symptoms that explain what’s happening with you, and it feels validating.

The choice seems to be either to develop coping skills or endure painful re-experiencing of life events in therapy. No wonder therapy sounds scary.

All your previous attempts at intervention have failed, and it’s hard to imagine things can ever be different.

Healing is possible.

Even now, as you search for answers, the motivation is coming from within you.

Your biology – mind and body together – never gives up on you.

Just as your skin and tissue cells immediately swing into action to start healing a wound, your organic wisdom knows how to heal your psychology, given the right conditions.

You have the power.

Signals of support from your biology are always coming through, but they are easy to ignore or dismiss.

There are thoughts, images, emotions, and sensations that I’ll help you notice.

As your awareness of these natural supports grows, your system expands its capacity to deal with stress, organically.

Things start to weave together. You begin to feel like a whole person.

Life becomes an enjoyable rhythm again.

“What is easy is sustainable. Birds coast when they can.”
– Adrienne Maree Brown

I know it’s hard to believe you can heal.

My job is to start helping you right away
to recognize the support.

Your job is enjoyment, and I’m ready to help you.

I’m just a phone call or email away.

Hi, I’m Gwynne.

And I find purpose in helping folks like you make their way back to living with ease and enjoyment.

Instead of imposing a pre-conceived agenda on your therapy, I stay highly attuned to reflect what I’m seeing, hearing, and sensing coming from you.

Soon, you will notice beneficial life changes that feel organic and effortless.

Because it’s only by letting go of effort that we get un-stuck.

This is the scenic route to enlightenment. Let’s get started.

Regain the fullness of your life!

It’s time to unlock the goodness inside
and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

I’m ready to help.