Trauma Recovery

“Trauma is unintegrated resource.”
– Steve Hoskinson


Things don’t feel right.

When upset, you turn into someone you don’t recognize – either checked out or on a short fuse.

Maybe you’ve always struggled to manage your emotions, or something has happened that changed how you feel about yourself. The pain is real, and so are the challenges.

You miss essential responsibilities, and friends wonder why you don’t respond. Everything seems like a potential threat and more than you can handle.

The sorrow for the life you wanted is increasing. And you blame yourself for how you feel.

“Why can’t I deal with life?”

Trauma is not the event but the experience.

We are born with a biological expectation that things happen in specific ways that shape our optimal development. Over millions of years, our mind and body systems evolved to anticipate attuned caregiving that would make us feel safe and regulated. If that’s what we experienced, as adults we can mostly stay relaxed and alert, feeling available for social engagement with other humans.

If the adults in our lives didn’t, or couldn’t, care for us well, we grew up with nervous systems that make us vulnerable to stress and upsetting events. This is sometimes called “developmental trauma.” In adulthood, our parents may continue to add to that trauma by denying our experience or even adding to it with continued toxic behavior.

On the other hand, you could have had wonderful parents, but life events led to trauma. Surprisingly, even seemingly minor things can cause significant effects on your body and mind. Your cup runneth over and not in a good way.

Trauma is the experience of having part of yourself split from the rest of you. You’re not living in the here-and-now.


“Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.”
– Peter A. Levine


Trauma recovery is possible.

I can help you reweave the parts of yourself back together without reactivating your trauma.

For every point of experience in the trauma “vortex,” there is a corresponding healing resource. I attune to you in noticing when these emerge. When these resources join your awareness, you can reclaim that part of yourself.

Your system knows how to heal the same way it heals a cut or a broken bone. I help you find the conditions to allow that healing.

Give yourself the gift of the journey back to wholeness.

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