Body Psychotherapy

“The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for positive ones.”
– Rick Hanson

Your feelings make sense.

Millions of years of evolution have brought you here. It’s human nature to scan for danger, respond quickly to threats, then rest.

Modern life doesn’t work like that. The stresses come from all directions and are so persistent that you never want to let your guard down. What if something sneaks up from behind? You can’t rest! Or can you?

Career, relationships, and parenting have become draining instead of fulfilling. Your body bears the burden, and your mind blames yourself.

The biological stress response never was meant to be permanently “on.” The tiger is not always ready to leap at you – it only feels that way.

What’s right is waiting for you to notice.

It’s hard to see “what’s right” because the weight and worry of everyday life keep us focused on what’s wrong. And yes, there are plenty of wrong things. Your mind gets stuck on them and won’t let go. Criticisms and judgment from others make it even harder.

We go to therapy because it’s difficult to see outside ourselves. That was true for me when I started therapy, long before becoming a therapist. Now, I seek to help others by being an ally on the path of self-discovery.

My approach to therapy upends the notion that you must feel worse before you feel better. You’re told, “It won’t be easy, but together, we’ll uncover all the painful things in your past that keep you stuck.”

And we believe that because of the magnetic pull of “what’s wrong.”

However, your body/mind system is ready to bring forth exactly what you need to heal but in an easier way.

“Let’s learn to speak the language of our nature. And by ‘speaking’ I mean mostly listening.”
– Steve Hoskinson

Feeling better is better!

What a concept!

We work with images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings that arise on the more pleasant side of things. Over time, the magnetic attractor becomes what’s positive and pleasurable. When you feel better, you can respond to real challenges in your life and relationships with greater confidence and ease.

You can help others as well as yourself. Doesn’t that make sense?

You bring to therapy whatever you’re ready to discuss. I’ll be attuned to you, empathetic and supportive, ready to guide your healing through the path of enjoyment.